101 Charts That Sell

Before reading 101 Charts That Sell :: You’re wondering what other charts can better show your data. Existing graphics feel too standard, boring even. They fail to invigorate those who see them into taking the action you want. After reading 101 Charts That Sell :: You’ll swiftly be feeling, ‘yes, I’m nailing this’. You’ve a whole new treasure trove, brimming with gleaming, innovative yet readily adaptable chart options. You’re galvanising every audience to embrace your ideas.


The best data doesn’t win. The best chart wins.

I wrote this book because I thought I could help people that thought like me. Do you think like me? I was frustrated at seeing graphics produced with the chart wizards of standard slideware. Giving rise to wearisome repetitious use of samey charts. Overwhelmed by images which all blurred into one. Like looking at the optician’s Ishihara or psychologist’s Rorschach visual tests, and seeing not a hidden number or butterfly but one congealed mass of splodge.

People love their Powerpoint or Keynote or whichever other flavour they champion. Big tech or startup, cloud or local, freeform or structured. Yet felt constrained. How come charts had lost their pop?

I realised that I was spending more and more of my time helping others put the ‘wow’ back into their charts.

Boiling down their data to the condensed, tastier hit of their message. Being asked to refine their presentation to help resuscitate their slides and documents from redoing their charts.

I understand the struggles of making charts Distinctive. Simple. Bold. Penetrating. Standout. Sticky. A banner behind which to build a movement.

Sculpting a chart that tells your numbers story as indelibly as possible.

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& the ideas in this book are successfully being used by those working with the likes of …

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There are indeed 101 charts featured inside this book. Yet countless more ideas are contained within. As most charts reveal more than one useful and game-changing visual and graphical device for you.


Data doesn’t get shared. Only brilliant graphical representations of data do.


Everyone knows what a barchart is. Likewise a piechart. So too a linegraph.

Do you know all the little tricks and techniques that add to their standard presentation, to make them truly dance?

Or do you know about some of the lesser known, yet criminally under-used alternative chart and graphic formats? That when suited to your data, turns that little jig into a full blown stage filling swinging cabaret troupe in the mind of your viewer?

Open up any page of this breakthrough catalogue and you’ll discover templates to switch anew into your charting portfolio. A launch pad for combinations, adaptations and edits of your own to illuminate any chart you need to show so that you best get your point over.

Become the envy of your peers and colleagues with your new-found, high-impact and talk-of-the-office new graphics.

Earn the increased admiration of clients and collaborators through your ability to crystallise situations, scenarios and suggestions with renewed and unique clarity and excitement.

Earn greater recognition for initiatives you aim to promote, kickstart or rejuvenate with charts that both generate action and enthuse those you now mobilise.

Galleries of chart pictures can easily be found. The quickest of online image searches yields screenfuls. With links to pages of explanations, often typed by software vendors or app coders keen to promote their data mining tools.

These merely scratch the surface. Serving up the obvious and bland. The wealth of nuances, bells and whistles that give long life to a chart neglected. The ways in which you can also be cleverly reductive, apply a minimalist filter and draw attention to your killer evidence to super-fuel your message sadly missed. How you can focus on the overall story you want to tell with choice of optimal graphic style for your number ignored.

This directory is different. It unleashes what these other listings fail to lay out. Dealing primarily and unashamedly with how even with a rudimentary knowledge of slideware, or a self-described modesty of your own drawing skills with an actual pen, you can become a chart hero.


Your ideas cannot become reality if their numbers are not charted well.


This book may not be for you; & I’d understand that. Especially if…


You don’t find charts interesting

You don’t waste time charting

You don’t want to stop others charting for you

You don’t fancy learning anything about charts

You don’t think there’s anything more about charting to know


After all, the first step in any journey ought be one that you’re willing to take. Out of necessity, intrigue or desire. Taken upon yourself to make. A participant of perseverance, traveller in hope, progressing with intent.


Chart creation: 101 ideas, innovations and warnings


There’s so much you’ll take-away among the 101 charts on display.

7 of the many things you’ll learn include:

  1. The one classic chart trick that takes your chart from average to awesome
  2. How to have fun with charts
  3. When to use multiple styles on a single chart slide
  4. Which settings are the best to combine data sets
  5. Styles inspired by the artwork of fascinating painters of our day
  6. What formats the pioneering data scientists recommend
  7. Which touches of individuality and splashes of personality you can apply

The landscape in which you must persuade can be as friendly as a room full of party loving well-wishers through to as hostile as a rolling theatre of war battlefield.

This can run the gamut of workplace scenes where you want to nudge someone else to gladly act in your direction. That joining of forces can range from encouraging them to raise a phone call, start a project, amend a task, check a process, or make a specific decision.

Are you an entrepreneur? Seeking to fire up stakeholders?

Are you an ambitious team member? Hoping to jolt supervisors into change?

Are you a senior exec? Endeavouring to get buy-in for a fresh iteration?

Are you a salesperson? Determined to gain commitment of a prospect?

Are you a manager? Wanting colleagues to see the true state of play?


You will get results. And results that you can repeat, build on and rise even higher.

You’ll never be stuck for a graphical image or chart idea ever again.


Turn vanilla graphics into the most desirable of genre-shifting cream-filled chocolate-glazed cronut of a chart


My experience means that I have pitched ideas using charts to my bosses, potential customers as a cubrep, as team leader through to C-suite Board member, and evangelising pitches as a start-up founder.

I’ve lately consulted many commercial operations, including on better charting. And even mentored big ticket CEOs around the world, where how to show data graphically always seemed to be of enormous interest to them and their personal enterprise.

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Keep calm and chart to victory

The post-Covid19 business world is for sure going to be a place of uncertainty. Daunting, most probably, yet for one small change coming you can now have a plan. We can be pretty confident that even more contact will arise online. Whether on our phones longer or embracing video conferencing, our non-in-person contact will shoot up. Which will likely mean any and all of the collaterals that back up, support and drive such conversations forward will become ever more important than in pre-corona relative serenity. Don’t fall foul of any covidian wasteland. In short, charts will prove themselves to be a cornerstone of getting anything done in and across workplaces. Vital to crafting the future you wish to see take shape. This book will help you shine in that brave new world order.

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& testimonials from pals of this project upon launch:

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“chart-tastic!” “… finally” “compendium joy”

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