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After all, whether you've spent a long time having a conversation with an AI bot, or hear what others having done so say, you'll likely be familiar with at least some of the, ahem, issues with its output. And when it comes to AI produced Sales help, these sadly occur in calamitous abundance.

Consider this selection of ten glitches.

  • hallucination
  • fabrication
  • prioritises source quantity over quality
  • cold ‘Bot-speak’, lacking personality & flow
  • wrong track repetition
  • surface level without depth
  • feel of low quality knock-off or a 'clip job'
  • entrench bias and misinformation
  • contradict itself during single conversation
  • when confused can repeat itself, just with slightly different wording

Can you afford to suffer the consequences of these, such as:

Like the NYC lawyer who asked AI for help, only to face sanction from the judge and potentially catastrophic reputational consequences when revealed ChatGPT had made up case law references?

Like the Chief Exec of Google, who at launch found that it can merrily present inaccuracies with such confidence as to sound indisputable fact, when absolutely not? [As with the misattributed first-ever photo of an exoplanet. Indeed, the Washington Post then reported that even on simple factual based questions, at least one in ten answers were dodgy.]

Like IBM that lost billions on misleading health guidance leading to scrapping its AI program, Watson?

Imagine versions of this striking down your personal selling hopes.

And if that wasn't bad enough, then simply try this; ask your bot of choice for opinion and/or direction on a topic about which you are expert.

If results are not shuddering, you needn't read on.

So if still here, then I may well hold a solution for you.

Take this note, dated Wednesday 22 February 2023, of US investment bank Morgan Stanley Analysts. Highlighting AI chatbot shortcomings;

"When we talk of high-accuracy task, it is worth mentioning that ChatGPT sometimes hallucinates and can generate answers that are seemingly convincing, but are actually wrong. At this stage, the best practice is for highly educated users to spot the mistakes and use Generative AI applications as an augmentation to existing labor rather than substitution. Accuracy will continue to be a challenge for the next couple of years."

How do you sift the real wisdom from the nonsensical?

Use me as your 'highly educated user'.

Specific to your Sales ambitions.

Let me be your 'prompt engineer'.

Let me raise you from AI, to IA; Intelligence Augmented.

Let me help you truly sell.

Contactable through fiverr.


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