GPT-9 In Your Clients' World

As if AI generated memes of a perfectly puffer jacketed pope are not enough, then how about plotting the chatbot's inexorable rise nearer to home?

I'm sure many have done their own versions of the recent wit above. Many like to add on GTP-10 and beyond, or use digits that may closer suit their needs. Here's mine as-is for starters.

Closely following its present form;

GPT-5: can perfectly build any website
GPT-6: can build and run a company
GPT-7: passes Turing test
GPT-8: overthrows world governments
GPT-9: fails to understand how proper selling over video is supposed to work, gives up, asks me for help

Or how about adding a touch more niche appeal;

GPT-5: can perfectly write a winning Sales Prop
GPT-6: can build and run a solution Salesteam
GPT-7: passes Turing test for buyers
GPT-8: overthrows all market leader chief execs
GPT-9: fails to understand how Microsoft Teams is supposed to make selling over video work, gives up, asks me for help

Happily remix away for a notable slide guaranteed to get prospects talking animatedly with you in your space.

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