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How It Works

Is Your Aim Strategic Or Tactical?

Those commissioning me tend to want to work in one of two ways. Shaping which parts of their sales process are better suited now to being adapted to and improved by videoing. Or have a specific skill or meeting type in mind for making instant progress with.

For example, for options around this latter aim, I've delivered many 45-minute sessions along the following lines:

periodic table of standard ‘better video meeting’ sessions ran

Can I mix ‘n match?

Yes you can. An approach kickstarted during 2022 Q1 through requests to help specifically with the re-integration of a workforce returning to the office after a long time WFH. Now prevalent with those seeking best-practice for 'blended' adjustment. Allowing for elements of several modules to combine for short, effective intentional semi-structured time for those whether away from the office or back in the building, hybrid or remote-first.

What about more tailored options?

Most of my delivery is now tailored. There’s also opportunity to bring your own areas you’d like to work on. Create your own session format and I can take you step-by-step through how those who've gone deep into this space already achieve what you want to do. As a footnote here, from early-22 the buzz was clearly around how to adapt your customer-serving and sales process to using video. Specifically in where the medium is better suited than simply phone, mail or in-person meetings. Especially in a way that drives your being distinctive over competition and seen as on top of the game in this arena.

How long are sessions?

Modules are designed to fit 45-minute schedules. Where some like to go farther into a single topic, they are usually best split across two such sessions, often some time apart. The occasional exceptions to this include the longer-form like running a hub for async meetings, and the shorter-form such as 'huddle' styles.

How many sessions do I need?

Only what you need, I feel compelled to say first. There’s a range of options. Some find for a single, focused aim one session does the trick. Others have opted for a 45-minute session each week over a number of weeks, creating their own program for a more complete ‘semester’. Also able to craft as acting for any of; team contact without having to talk about work, general training (like that permitted when furlough rules were in place), facilitated live project issue and hot topic run-throughs, or rehearsal for real upcoming calls.

What’s the damage?

Well, not quite a ‘how long is a piece of string’ answer. It does though depend on what you want, for how long and with how many other participants from your workplace. In short, a standard 45-minutes for a handful of colleagues (I don't do webinars) can be commissioned for just a couple of hundred pounds/dollars/euros. Giving you payback straight away and tools that will become trusted throughout your video calling career. Simply get in touch below, and let’s see…

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Tap Into Best-Practice

What might you be able to do, that you aren't right now?

Have you a feeling there's more to mastering video call performance?

I unlock distinctive video meetings.

Since 1998 and counting. When I did my first ever series of video calls whilst working for a while in Stockholm.

Since then, I've set up business across the continents. Meeting with clients and prospects, partners and suppliers, and fellow co-workers both current and hopeful, all over video, all of the time.

And now I help guide those in Sales sensing there's at least a touch more they can do with their own video meetings, to unleash an extra smile of happiness and greater success.

Let's see if we think alike...


Making Sure You Get What You Want From Video Meetings

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...and as a footnote, here are just some of the driving forces of those that've commissioned me lately. Any of these sound like you too..?

Responsible for improving or keeping up the Remote productivity
Often like to hold idea generation sessions
Run a geographically dispersed sales team
Have concern for Remote colleagues’ wellbeing
Want to be truly distinctive from competition in the eyes of potential customers
Love video calling and would like to add to their repertoire
A sense they could freshen, shake or simply skill up their approach to video meetings in general
Want to have video calls they host be anticipated with relish by those invited
Know that running a video meeting like you would one in-person is not the way to go
Yearn for a bit more sparkle over video calls
Want to get more actions completed yet overall doing less video calls

So if any of these do indeed ring a bell for you, then would it be a ridiculous suggestion that we talk...?

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