Video Calls That Sell

Before reading Video Calls That Sell :: You’re wondering if you can make your video meetings at work better. Why are ideas stalling? How come we’re not racing through points of progress? What can be done to craft a less passive, more active virtual experience? After reading Video Calls That Sell :: You’ll feel like ”yes, I’m getting stuff done now”. Plans show real momentum, issues get resolved, ideas flow. People around you now energised and mobilised. Results you can touch freshly coming your way.

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Become Great At Video Calling

Hitting ‘join’ then using basic video performance can only take you so far.

Getting what you want from video meetings could be the difference between clinching that deal or losing it, nailing that promotion or staying put for longer, or simply getting your key idea acted upon and embraced as opposed to suffering frustration of yet another stalled initiative.

You need to know how to get the best from your remote, virtual meetings over video so that you can make more progress, have better meetings, and complete more actions.

This book gives you deep, current knowledge of how to approach a video call in your workplace today. From behind-the-scenes activities that tip the balance in your favour, through structures which present yourself and your case in best light, all the way to what to do once the webcam is switched off.

Whether you’re barely familiar with these components, wondering how to get to grips with this new medium that’s now everywhere, or are all over video but have a thirst for knowing as much as possible, this book covers each – and any place in-between – in detail.

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After reading this book, you’ll…

▸ Know what is important in truly getting ready and priming everyone for a video call and how to start one well yourself

▸ Be able to optimise between participation and pitch time including breakout sessions and encouraging questions

▸ Understand what a good video meeting structure feels like and how you can shape ideal flow towards your idea acceptance

▸ Know how to use prioritisation techniques and which will give you most influence

▸ Easily create agendas and pack them with procedures and slants that suit your ambitions

▸ Be skilled at involving others, tracking progress and effective closing routines so that your plans stick

▸ Be able to decide on the right medium to explain or expand your idea including brainstorming, whiteboarding and pre-designed graphics to ensure you are distinctive and agreed with

& … you’ll also want to keep it close by, as a handy, trusted reference guide companion for ongoing video call success

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This book is right for you if you…

▸ are fairly comfortable with using video conferencing app(s), and think better performance and outcomes will follow more not from which buttons to click, but how to perform before, during and after your video calls

▸ want to enjoy being known for vibrant video meetings, which get you where you wanted to go

▸ feel that there is more to effective video meetings than just rocking up and starting to talk

▸ believe there must be a host of pro tips out there from those with long experience of conducting business over video and are interested in finding at least one that takes your video calling onto the next level and beyond

This book is NOT for you if…

▸ you are happy to click ‘join’ and see how the meeting pans out

▸ you prefer the quick-hit of a listicle, ‘3-min read’ approach on which to build your new career skills

▸ you don’t fancy trying something a bit different

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& the ideas in this book are successfully being used by those working with the likes of …

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Skills you should have before reading this book…

▸ You are familiar with logging onto video meetings, preferably with more than one system, and you know the fundamentals of the commonplace extras that require you to click a button or type something

▸ You have experience of running an element of a video meeting, if not an entire conference call itself

▸ You understand the fundamentals of making progress in a meeting, without necessarily thinking of yourself as an expert in proposing and completing actions

Because this is an intermediate-to-advanced compendium, readers should be comfortable with the basics of meeting goals, including what makes a meeting suck or succeed, principals of inclusive-friendly forums, and the importance of high-quality content over and above the mere ‘chat’ contained within.

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Keep calm and video call for victory

Yes, we all know the disruption 2020 wrought across the workplace. Yet rather than usher in an entirely fresh landscape, it more accelerated that which was already in train. From the supremacy of online shopping, to the relentless march of the Chinese Communist Party, and all over what we’re concerned with here, the migration away from the office.

As such, workplace meetings conducted over video are here to stay. Commute-free days available to the previously visibly deskbound with ‘remote’ attendance option a presenteeism releasing standard. WFH no longer seen as a concession, but a productivity increasing, wellbeing enhancing, flexible evolutionary step of value.

Regardless of how the balance between corporate hub and home spoke settles, the ability to contribute, build, fine-tune, alter course or simply interact effectively over video is set to be a pillar of worklife.

The time and effort and in some cases equipment put into getting virtual encounters right now will pay dividends for years to come.

What is on offer here is the means to ensure you are not left behind as this shift sticks. Video meetings finally arrived as tool to shape workplace communication for good. This book will help you shine in such brave new world order.

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& testimonials from pals of this project upon launch:

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So, now’s your chance to give it a go…!
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