Today, you can tell what I'm all about from my latest book title; Video Calls That Sell.

Building on my entire career in Enterprise Sales. Much of it doing business 'remote'. Including my first sales video meetings when working in Stockholm in 1998.

When I first began writing blogs - way back in 2005, then combined 'launch' January 2006 - my day job was running what nowadays is called an SaaS business. Which I'd founded at the turn of the Millennium.

In those early days of trailblazing, when the 'tech' part of pitching was needed, I used to riff on the description; 'the application service provision of salesforce knowledge management'.

Clients were CEOs and Sales leaders. Daily users, all those involved with their selling.

My regular posts would add significant succour that I was uniquely able to unleash the power of what was winning from the mind of one person, across their entire salesforce.

I developed a kind of strapline for my blogs;

because today’s salespeople should be tomorrow’s chief execs.

You can call me Jason. I now realise that I'm the longest running blogger in my field on the web, as someone doing Solution Sales. Also known as Consultative, Complex or Commercial B2B Selling.

Three-and-a-half thousand posts along the way. And counting. Insights into what's become my specialism. Windows into how I think. Ways in which you could potentially win anew. I'm told that's over 1½ million words...  Where's the one that'll make the telling difference for you?

My career has enjoyed all aspects of selling. From my own small patch, to overall management, devising and delivering products to salespeople.

What use is an old-style CV when a winning salesperson exists to open eyes, provoke new thought and generally provide sweet solutions?

So by way of example, from the time I last supped academia to when I first divested of a business I founded, this was my career platform.


With later update of my journey so far, summoning the spirit of the Kyiv Metro Map.

Here's a couple of words the sales-savvy have used to describe me in the past.

“legend” founder Phocas Software Sydney

“infectious enthusiasm” founder Sales-i Chicago

“inspirational” boss of BlueJeans & Oracle Business Comms San Francisco

“happy voice” best local Cantonese takeaway Just off my local Main road

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