Why Your Video Selling Is Not Unleashing Productivity Gains

This tweet above is one of legion recalibrations on the measure of AI.

Many such satire tends to riff on the Solow Paradox. As coined in 1987 by Nobel Prize-winning economist, Robert Solow;

“You can see the computer age everywhere but in the productivity statistics.”

AI threatens to usher us faster to another such similar false dawn.

For every harbinger of employment meltdown, there's those who point to previous technological advancements of the past. Specifically those similarly seeming to bring the end-of-times for certain workers, only for employment armageddon to strangely stay away.

One aligned famed example of olde gives us the term Luddite today.

Here's another I recently learned of. Nicely recounted [in sixty-seconds from here] by tech security proponent, Mike Godfrey. Of a 1945 American 'elevator strike' which precipitated automation rendering those withdrawing their labour obsolete.

As explained, the largest union around was once that of lift operators. I too am old enough to recall being in a building lift where a man of a certain age in the classic old school lightish brown 'chore coat' workwear would turn a handle to operate the lift. But all of a sudden new fangled buttons allowed users to be self-serving. And that was that. Or at least, it wasn't. As the affected workforce didn't descend into panic, collapse and destitution.

Then there's an alternative 'A'. Automated Intelligence. For those harnessing them the 'best', bots may well unleash a seven-fold productivity boom.

In our Sales domain, there's plenty of other, aligned 'A's we can link in with this striking potential performance fillip.

Async Intelligence, Attention Intelligence, Action Intelligence.

Today I'm focused on video meeting success. So how about Attendee Intelligence. Or Assembly Intelligence, meaning for your gathering overall. You might also contrive this as AV Intelligence, as in Audio-Visual.

The brutal line; if you're not consciously working on your video call performance, then it will not magically improve all by itself.

If you feel its much purported productivity gains are proving elusive - imaginary even - then can I sense your experience?

Your prospects don't fully engage?
Where's the fizz?
How & when are competitors' video calls more distinctive?
You tellingly always get one less action completed than you wanted?
Why don't clients look forward to video calls with us?

Video calling in a selling environment really ought unleash productivity gains for our output that is on the way to those being spouted for adoption of the umbrella term, AI.

That they are not anywhere near this level of uplift is a real opportunity missed. Yet one we can still grasp.

Whilst we might not quite be talking the seven-fold explosion of AI, in many cases, what expansion would we be looking for so video sales calls can make that standout difference?

If you're frustratingly closing four-fifths of Target, then to get to the vaunted One Hundred Percent, the boost you require could be framed as one-quarter.

If you can hit your Quota, but want to smash target so as to grab that 'President's Club' berth, then maybe you seek merely 20% more.

Both easier to picture than 7x.

I strongly suggest that focus on video calling can make that difference.

There's a ton of ways you can start on this path.

I might gently suggest, that any time you may be presently spending working out how AI can help you, reduce it. Drastically. Swap almost (if not) all of it with working on video meeting best-practice.

Start by taking a leaf out of the vogue for 'support' initiatives. Like Sales Ops, like RevOps. Get cracking on Vid Ops.

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