As Written By AI

Given reading with my own eyes AI hallucination when being told by ChatGPT-4 I'd written blog posts that I had not, I asked it to write a 400-word post on the false title it served up first.

Here it is. Coming in three under the word count limit set:

"6 Ways to Save Your Virtual Sales Call from Going South":

Virtual sales calls can be a valuable tool for connecting with prospects and closing deals, but they can also be challenging. Technical difficulties, distractions, and miscommunications can all contribute to a sales call going south. Here are six strategies that can help you save your virtual sales call and keep it on track:

  1. Be prepared: Before the call, make sure you have all the necessary information and materials at hand. Familiarize yourself with the prospect's needs and pain points, and prepare a clear and compelling pitch that addresses them. Test your equipment and internet connection to avoid any technical issues.
  2. Set the tone: Begin the call on a positive note, with a friendly greeting and a clear agenda. Take a moment to establish rapport with the prospect, and show that you value their time and attention.
  3. Be present: During the call, focus your attention on the prospect and avoid distractions. Listen carefully to their needs and concerns, and respond thoughtfully and empathetically. Avoid interrupting or talking over them, and give them ample time to ask questions and provide feedback.
  4. Address technical issues quickly: If you encounter any technical difficulties during the call, such as poor connection or audio problems, address them quickly and calmly. Offer to reschedule the call if necessary, but try to find a workaround if possible. Don't let technical issues derail the conversation or undermine your credibility.
  5. Pivot if necessary: If the conversation veers off course or the prospect expresses unexpected concerns, be prepared to pivot your pitch and adapt to the situation. Listen to their concerns and reframe your pitch to address them, without losing sight of your overall goal.
  6. End on a high note: Conclude the call on a positive note, with a clear next step and a thank you for the prospect's time. Follow up promptly with any promised information or materials, and continue to nurture the relationship in the days and weeks following the call.

By following these six strategies, you can increase the chances of a successful virtual sales call and prevent it from going south. Remember that virtual sales calls are just one tool in your sales toolkit, and that face-to-face interactions may still be necessary in some cases. But with the right approach and mindset, virtual sales calls can be a powerful way to connect with prospects and grow your business.

What do you think?

I recently listened to a streaming giant's 'fresh pop' playlist. A certain genre was predominant. Which frustrated my ears. I dismissed too many a 'song' as "tuneless, derivative & vapid". We need more Flowers...

Notwithstanding it smacks of a first attempt, similar labelling could sadly apply to the output above.

Under the premise summed up by HG Wells, that no compulsion in the world is stronger than the passion to edit someone else's document, how could I resist?

The snag is, editing can be restrictive whereas pure creation can be free.

Why eschew untrammelled travel to be bound by a given, boxed-in route?

Now I've read this sextet, it's tricky to un-know them. Tough to remove the influence - conscious and subconscious - that they undoubtedly bring.

Yet - much as I've noted before this year - this edit urge could be a prime selling ally.

Whatever your prospects seek to do, you can ask an AI bot for a couple-hundred words on 'how-to'.

Then ask said prospect to run through it. And see their eyes light up as they too, feel compelled to 'edit' away.

In the case of the earlier half-dozen South-avoiders, there's a top takeaway in expanding just one point alone.

Go deep on No.2, 'Set the tone'. And you will up your results. Significantly, guaranteed.

Can you likewise isolate the key point that'll sway your prospect?

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