When You Think About The Win

I read the words reported of (legendary, game changing) former Arsenal manager Arsène Wenger in the build-up to this week's EPL title decider with (genius, game changing) Pep Guardiola's present day Manchester City. In the aftermath of his club's defeat (nay, hammering), the journalist now described his words as "a good thing".

'In the past few weeks Arsenal have begun to think about how to win.
Before that the players thought only about the process, the system, not the outcome.'

Providing opposition context;

Whereas City are by now all process, a champion team that know how this should feel, that will celebrate a successful team press, will concentrate simply on lines and angles and drilled moves.
Winning is a skill.
You learn how to do it.

Whilst acknowledging the super-project's deeply troubling sportswashing tyrannical bankrolling, for good measure the writer later added;

[Man City now are] a team so good they appear to be operating to a different set of laws, for whom victory is simply a matter of pressing go and following the playbook.

I constantly bang on about this.

Whenever I ask a solution salesperson on their process, a shockingly small number answer adequately.

A winning process is absolutely not to fill in the tabs of your current crm. Nor follow the strictures of any training mantra paid for.

It is about knowing the pattern of events that when in train, guarantee you prevail.

It is about being self-aware of this system. Pursuing it, refining it, breathing it.

It is about holding this system paramount above the goals.

Putting process before outcome.

When you do that, you have sustainable, repeatable success.

It's an amazing formula.

So why do so few in our arena follow it?

And do you?

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