Your Latest AI Iteration Stress Test

ChatGPT has just announced an update.

We all know the perils of this in solutionland.

'Why do we need this?' customers ask.

'Because it's the latest', many boldly implore.

Precious little illumination as to any extra wonders which ought flow forth for the embracing client.

In the case of our current favourite ansabot, there's the sheer scale of technological advancement to compute. Here's the parameters increase through the versions so far;

GPT-1 117 million
GPT-2 1.2 billion
GPT-3 175 billion
GPT-1 100 trillion

You may think, these look unfathomably exponential.

So I asked ChatGPT to graph these numbers. On an exponential scale. Just to see.

The visual of the four impressive steps, in billions, of; 0.117, 1.2, 175 & 100000.

I can sense how y'can get lost in this.

What struck me about the hype around this latest release, was how the developers determined whether the tech was truly ready.

Beyond ensuring that the little devil was less prone to hallucinating, they created deceptively simple yet fiendish tests for it. Based around what they knew had stumped the previous version.

The particular task which co-founder Greg Brockman cited at launch, was how to summarise a section of a self-referencing OpenAI blog post using only words that start with a specified letter.

The examples were for 'g' first, then 'a' and 'q'. Although being told its first-run shouldn't use 'AI' as a word, for which it then swapped in 'global', the results speak for themselves;

Gigantic GPT-4 garners groundbreaking growth, greatly galvanizing global goals.
GPT-4 achieves advanced advancements, amplifying artificial aptitude astoundingly.
GPT-4 quintessentially quickens quality quantifications, quelling questionable quandaries.

Something that the previous release could not resolve.

And herein lies our upgrade pitching angle.

What exactly is it that could not be done before, that can be now?

Why and how did it shape both development and the launch date?

How much value does it open up for those using you and your wares?

Have these nailed and you too could astound your world. Maybe even exponentially.

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