101 Diagrams That Sell

Before reading 101 Diagrams That Sell: You’re wondering how you’ll get your latest idea off the ground at work. People need introducing to it. Let alone be convinced + invested. Daunting and distant a prospect.
After reading 101 Diagrams That Sell: Soon you’ll be feeling like ”yes, they’re on board”. Plans will feel real, people can see what you mean, they’ll help make it happen, and a sense of purpose will set in.

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This book was written to turn your ideas into action

For anyone wanting to get their ideas over better in the workplace, you will gain:

Diagrams that work; visuals for your ideas that persuade
People talking about your plans, on your terms
Confidence in how to explain your vision, without text
An essential directory of how to draw your idea as an image
Discovery of the easiest ways to persuade with visuals
Sketching of ideas like a pro and boost progress faster

Surely destined to find at least one surprise inside that will pay your money back from buying this book back many times over.

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Unlock the visual cornerstone of your plan

You’re looking to take your idea to the next level.

You probably know that how you present your idea is as important as the idea itself. (Maybe more so.)

You want to build a concept that projects promise, appeal and belief.

But are worried about which language to use. Unsure whether the words alone in your mind are the most effective.

The bad news is that to rely on writing these out as text, no matter how condensed, will rob your plan of its great potential.

By following the suggestions of your favourite slideware standard templates, or a randomly found online list of ‘top ten’ slide formats, you’ll stay restricted and you’re idea frozen out.

That’s because you’re not being allowed to truly flower.

The light of your wonderful thoughts doomed to stay hidden under the most shaded of bushel.

A darkness which means you’re ideas likely don’t… :

Get taken seriously
Go beyond the verbal
Find fans in your sphere
Gather a crowd around them
Build a firm and lasting foundation
Quicken making something happen
Make it out of the back of your mind
Have anyone nodding along in unison
Attract the blessing of movers and shakers
Survive their first encounter with an audience
Become embraced as vital, or at the very least, useful
Evolve and improve to become even more compelling

I actively strive to help any and all good ideas avoid falling at any of these hurdles. Let’s make them become the standout initiatives they deserve to be. With achievement and recognition that they fully earn.

The special legacy I want this book to give you

Maybe you’re already at one with ‘chartsmithery’. And now you fancy being a magical ‘diagrammonger’ too.

Wanting your visuals to be more unique, ever higher quality and gain greater collaborative take up.

Providing the kind of pattern-disrupting novelty that leaves sameness behind for genuine engagement and memorability.

Getting your plans embraced, and your graphic dexterity noted for rendering the complex, simpler.

Here’s what I want for your knowledge at this next level I’m offering;

  • boost engagement for almost any new idea
  • systematically and consistently beat the look of other ‘competing’ options
  • launch smash-hit ideas
  • turn these brilliant plans into rivers of ongoing system or process improvement, delivery or change
  • know how to build substantial visual structures for the things that you want to make happen
  • realise your most passionately sought initiatives with the turbo-power of diagrams to fulfil both your own and others around you potential

You’ll pick up both lots of little “1 percenters” little improvements that make graphics glow and flow, all the way to through to the occasional breakthrough world-turned upside-down concept.

Whilst also catching any odd whopper mistake being made now that would spell disaster if allowed to remain unnoticed

The thrust being to light fires of desire. Help elicit a ‘yes’ response from your suggestion more frequently. Banish the ‘no’s as much as possible and turn them at the very least into a ‘maybe’.

No more staring down a blank page in a battle of wills.

See how easily you can flex your newly toned idea-explaining muscle.

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& the ideas in this book are successfully being used by those working with the likes of …

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Diagram design: 101 methods, innovations and warnings

There’s so much you’ll take-away from the 101 diagrams on display. 7 of these many include:

  1. How to have fun with diagrams
  2. When to combine diagrammatic tools
  3. What settings work best for which types of proposal
  4. Additions to the visual alphabet of breakthrough thinkers
  5. The classic frameworks and how to make them your own
  6. Where you can apply elements of personality that truly make a difference
  7. Stylising inspired by the lesser known, rarely used yet high impact techniques

The people with whom you seek agreement can be as familiar as your longtime close-by colleague with a fine track-record of working in tandem, through to as distant as those with whom you’ve no contact history nor any overtly shared goals or success.

This can mean pursuing the perilous workplace scenario of aiming to move someone else to happily act in your direction. Such joining of forces can range from encouraging them to talk to someone else on your behalf, all the way through to committing to or embarking on a key or brand new project.

Are you a senior exec? Needing an extra push towards an approaching deadline.
Are you a diligent team member? Hoping to nudge supervisors into change.
Are you a salesperson? Whose enterprise must gain prospect buy-in.
Are you a manager? Revealing true state of play for colleagues.
Are you an entrepreneur? Seeking to excite stakeholders.

You will make things happen. With results that you can replicate, build on and raise to new heights.
You’ll never be stuck for a visual illustration or idea graphic ever again.

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Who should read this book? Why should I read it?

Worried that your ideas won’t take off as you hope?
Are you looking at ways to better present your thoughts?
Can’t quite put your finger on what doesn’t work with a diagram?
Are those you work with on a different page to your plans?
Do you want to build strong, lasting coalitions around your proposals?
Searching for the next level up in illustrating your ideas?

6 More Reasons Why You Need 101 Diagrams That Sell

① The workplace is changing every day, quicker than ever before – learn to adapt and develop diagrammatic techniques that are both fresh and tailored to the latest and emerging needs

② The best visuals are timeless – gain the essential graphical knowledge that’s stood the test of time

③ It’s easy to lose sight of what works and why – cut through the clutter to see what graphics strike the right chord

④ Influence isn’t driven by words alone – modern, savvy audiences respond to a ‘message mix’, which must include the visual component

⑤ There’s one big secret to idea adoption – your audience needs a picture to go with it

⑥ Use my experience to your advantage – the lessons of my 30+ years of presenting ideas visually can now be yours

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Keep calm and diagram for victory

The onrushing ‘new normal’ is certainly going to give rise to a different workplace to what we’ve been used to. Can we shape it, or will we let it browbeat us?

Thankfully, for one aspect of change racing our way, we can now have an answer. More online interaction is absolutely coming.

Online time rockets. More video conferencing, less in-person meetings. The effect on our daily routines will be huge. Verbal pitches, conversations and agreements will dwindle. The pressures of contact reduction can only be countered by an increase in the types and number of any and all of the collaterals that back up, support and drive such transactions forward. They will become so much more important than in relative pre-corona stability.

In short, diagrams will prove themselves to be a fundamental pillar of getting anything done in or across workplaces. Vital to crafting the future you wish to see take hold. This book will help you shine in such brave new world order.

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& testimonials from pals of this project upon launch:

★★★★★ ★★★★★ ★★★★★
“diag-mungus!” “comprehensive” “inspiring”

  So, now’s your chance to give it a go…!
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And then when you’ve felt the first positive impact and more beyond from within these 101 Diagrams That Sell, post on your happy experience to unlock a bonus loyalty pack of extras, with a baker’s dozen more variants to help keep propelling your ideas, plans and stories forwards and work ever more wonders for you.

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