Video Call Gestures & Movements

You don’t need to be a vidbot.

From the very start, Gestures & Movements has been one of my Video Calls That Sell modules.

Things have moved on since those now distant days of 2020.

For those seeing video sales calls as integral to stellar selling performance, that is.

Back then, salespeople were happy to have any extra guidance. Gain ideas by being shown a slice of the opportunities the performance of those long ingrained inside video meeting behaviour exhibited.

As in keeping with my perennial approach, clients tend to prefer uncovering fresh capabilities by matching to particular scenarios and encounters, tailored to them.

So the days of a 45-minute lecture style run-through of possibilities has largely evolved into what I feel a more dynamic, relevant and personal blueprint workshop.

Yet there remains a balance.

When salespeople realise that they can fall alarmingly static over video, they seek little tweaks. Without mimicking the manic motions of a children's tv presenter. Even if some participant wardrobes are cut from similar cloth.

So a simple experience of a dozen or so techniques can really begin to make the difference.

You can dine off the standard menu, or stipulate the flavours you're after. My ingredients, or yours. Or mix cuisines up for a unique to you recipe.

Could well be a lunchtime that makes a big difference.

As a taster, here's some of the new, deal-clinching skills you'll be able to takeaway from such a session with me;

  • the signals proven to reduce any audience anxiety
  • the semaphore of selling using your arms
  • the digital secret to counting
  • shape shifting descriptions that draw memorability
  • naturally moving away from a robotic, automaton, lifeless style typified by screen-fixated staring
  • a video call warning on mirroring
  • ways to visually bullet your flow
  • the one emoji you can render physical when on-screen
  • the use of simple props to signify attention and encourage dialogue
  • where to wave
  • when slight exaggeration pays dividends without falling down jazz hands traps
  • gestures you can ask of others and movements you can make your audience perform that let them to warm to you
  • how to make your own alphabet of not-so-secret signals
  • a trick to hold attention for your brainwave
  • how to look away from your screen or webcam lens and still keep the air of attention
  • the motions that amplify the emotion of your message

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