Describe In Three Words

It’s a salesteam meeting staple.

Ask the room of assembled talent to sum up a specific concept in a snappy soundbite.

Hope for the glint of a gem that all can deploy in the field.

In this case, I was reminded of the 3-worder.

Courtesy of the clickbait that is this Blind Date reporter.

Both singletons were asked to describe their date in three words.

Jonny on Kit : A good laugh

Kit on Jonny : Funny, cheerful, handsome

(Was Kit dating me?)

Several selling thoughts struck me from these.

One chose a sole concept. The other tried to evoke a distinct trio.

Yet both exhibit flaws.

The former can be seen as pretty meaningless. After all, isn’t nearly everybody this way on a first date?

The latter too suffers from being a touch generic. Sub in ‘charming’ for ‘cheerful’ and it smacks of the bland labeling quoted when you can’t think of anything with any insightful depth.

Still. A snog is a snog, right.

For Sales this remains a decent internal stalwart. When you do this kind of exercise with your team, the less standard, vague, or cliched the responses become, the way, way better.


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