3-Part Cold Call Process

I enjoyed the warm glow that came with seeing a non-salesperson successfully make some cold calls the other day. And what a pleasure it was.

Admittedly the calls weren’t icily arctic, but work was still needed to get over the line to fix up the requisite face-to-face meets.

It struck me that a successful call still followed a simple time-honoured formula.

1. The caller went for recognition in their verbal handshake. Once gaining positive acknowledgement (sought from mentioning a previous encounter) a call flowed much better.

2. Then came the pitch. With this reason for the call, I noted that when was a tad too long, the flow was stifled. The old tip to be snappy still works (think of taking only the time it’d take a lighted match to burn your forefinger is always a winner).

3. And finally, the close. On a couple of occasions there was a touch of (not quite textbook but worked nevertheless!) objection handling, but as long as the close followed quickly, the deal was sealed.

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