Aimless Elevator Advice

I do love it when the Harvard Business Review publishes a Sales piece. Yet this recent one is a shocker. Not even the crimson crackerjacks get it right every time.

They sought to inform us of what constitutes the perfect elevator pitch. That’s ‘lift’, in proper English. So, here’s the nugget, Instead of stumbling when asked, “What does your company do?” […]

Prepare an effective pitch that outlines win-win goals and launches a deeper relationship.

Grab the listeners’ attention with a smart hook, and then convince them of the mutual benefits you cold [sic] provide.

End by suggesting a follow-up and converting a chance meeting into an opportunity.

Speak in terms your audience can relate to.

And communicate with the passion that comes from knowing that this opportunity may never come again.”

Well. I make that seven pointers. Insipid. Vacuous. Off the top of my head, here’s five elements. Write a single sentence on each. Deliver in 30 seconds.

  1. state a key problem you resolve
  2. say why you want to change the world
  3. give a real-life example for proof
  4. rattle off a list of actual names that like you
  5. suggest a plan of action

Still, it could be worse. The HBR’s advice is almost trumped by where the wikipedia page on this directs you…

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