Another Sales App Boredom Blurb

After noticing the dearth of genuine sales apps recently, I searched around on what the big boys offer. Pretty much every on-demand crm provider has an app to make their mark on your home screens. Even if most seem to act merely as a shortcut to bypass your one-time browser entrance.

Here’s one I chose from a non-American vendor and deliberately not a household name in the industry. I was looking at how they talk about what they do. They were all pretty similar in their descriptions.

“this app makes it exiting [sic] and efficient for sales reps to perform their daily tasks and win new business”

Okay, so a typo in text written by someone who’s first language probably isn’t English is a bit of a soft target. Yet these guys do have a neat angle on erp style software, with their ‘process tailor’ approach.

But why is it that such vendors never seem to truly focus on their customer’s customer?

There’s one tantalising sentence here, around ‘simplify order management‘ that could lead to greater riches I’m sure.

Wouldn’t it be great if they could talk in terms of how they reduce end-user TCO, cycle time, issue resolution, audit retrieval. Time and costs in general.

If you’re selling similar ‘picks and shovels’, it’s a technique you could adopt with terrific rewards.

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