Any Spare Budget?

Logged on this morning and got an email from a prospective supplier.  Market-initiators Webex provide web-conferencing, and I’ve dabbled with their services (which are pretty good) in the past although for my game, a face-to-face is essential.

So they sent me this mail below.  And it gave me a load of ideas on how I can send offers/incentives to my prospects/customers.  How many does it give you?

Subject: End-of-Year Offer

Unallocated Budget for 2006? New Initiatives Starting in January?

Take Advantage of [our] End-of-Year Promotions!!

I wanted to alert you early to an end-of-year promotion. Starting now, [we’re] offering a number of incentives that would enable you to purchase …. at a reduced commercial rate and delay paying until January 2007. Alternatively, if you have unallocated budget for 2006, we can arrange a package that would enable you to utilise this budget for 2007 services.

I am confident you will find [us] to be a beneficial solution and look forward to designing a plan that works for you and your organisation.

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