Banish Your Asphyxiating Building Regs

I was pleased to find another sales tidbit in the eco-agenda book I referenced yesterday.

In a well-argued demolishing of the unnecessarily fraught, ill-considered and mis-focused British Building Regulations, particularly in the context of failing to discourage dormitory towns and walkability, the following desire emerged:

“we need to move towards a system based on outcomes, not processes”

The similarities between the irrelevant demands of planning applications that hinder, rather than help, green-friendly initiatives, and those of sales reporting software (yes, I mean mainly crm) failing to map themselves onto what should support the realities of selling and sales routines, is striking.

In fact, substitute the final word of the aforementioned quote from ‘processes‘ to ‘activity‘ and you pretty much have your cause nailed down.

In addition, if you define the word processes as the author does, in other words referring to having to go through all hoops that could ever possibly occur, regardless of how once-in-a-million their likelihood, rather of course than the Sales Dept terminology whereby a sales process to follow is an essential precursor to sustainable long-term success, then here too, your compelling manifesto builds.

Regular readers will be aware of the paradox within which I personally battle; sales reporting is an integral and potentially hugely beneficial area of Sales, yet almost all sales reporting fails to engender its trumpeted goodness.

At the very least, if this oblique example could foster thinking that unclogs even a solitary compliance roadblock, then it’s proven its use.

quote source: p153, The Constant Economy, Zac Goldsmith (Atlantic Books, London, 2009)

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