Boardman Bike Bites

Olympic gold medal champion Chris Boardman passes on long-distance cycling tips to a beginner in The Telegraph. A pair of points fascinated me about these. The first was how adaptable and relevant many of the headline hints are to solution selling. The second the very fact that such a top ten can actually be created and should be done so for any sales operation. Taking the former upfront, here’s a summary of Boardman’s Ten:

Train, train and train some more Lower gears
Practise seated climbing Make use of the groups
Good shorts and chamois cream Sunscreen and a cape
Pace yourself Do it in company
Eat and drink little and often Post-race plans

As for the second point, at the very least such a top ten can remind yourself of the things you  want to be doing in your personal sales improvement plan, and could even form a template for your overall campaign-by-campaign sales process.

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