Brexit Test 15 For Your Buyer

Garnering little media coverage, my homeland suffers yet more Brexit gnashing of teeth.

Hardly surprising, given the same week sees state-sponsored assassinators Russia re-prove how an authoritarian regime thinks they must act in the face of decency.

Anyway, without retreading tired old ground, a parliamentary scrutiny committee decided to publish their 15 Tests for next year’s UK-EU deal.

Embittered “high priests of Remain” (as said Jacob Rees-Mogg) held sway “seeking to thwart Brexit by stealth”. Thereby the Leavers disowned the report, so most media ignored it. As you could see from the pro-EU paper’s article I linked to above, it is not solely because of the obvious partiality it got passed over.

The verbose, turgid, impregnable language of the “15” surely contributes.

Snappy it ain’t.

And that’s the problem here.

Sculpted in plain English rather than swampy legalese it might have stood a chance of gaining airtime.

Which is a valuable solution selling lesson.

For this is a list of desirable Decision Criteria from the elected representatives of Remain persuasion.

Every bid that you did not create the need for will have a pre-ordained purchasing list of wants.

Every process I know that’s been successful seeks to pinpoint these. And early too.

You can simply ask. At first meeting time. You may even get honest answers.

I once marvelled at how one prospect responded to my query by reading through his department’s brainstormed list.

I also know of one tale where a big ticket buying team where treated to the good old Tour.

Unbeknown to them, when out the conference room their ‘private’ checklist with rankings got whisked to the nearest photocopier.

Whilst I don’t approve of that kind of espionage subterfuge, knowing upon what basis the eventual decision will be made is essential solution activity.

If you’re selling in Europe over the next few days to a new prospect, you can mention Westminster’s Exiting the European Union select committee. How they wish for a ‘deep and special partnership’. How they suggest 15 Tests upon which to judge what moves forward.

As in this case, encourage your potential client to “set a high bar”. And let them feel free to state the yardsticks against which any successful purchase ought be measured.

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