Colour Blocks


Here’s a link as it appeared in The Telegraph the other day which caught my eye.

If you click through, it seems plenty of haute couture names associate themselves with a specific colour.

I was particularly taken with the red soles, due to a similar application to my footie team via a gypsy’s curse which this year saw a trophy somehow combined with relegation.

Anyway, I’ve also been privy to some hefty proposal docs lately. Most, almost all, pages featured a title box in the corproate colour de jour. Underneath, there was the usual text, bullets and boxes. And several diagrams.

In this particular case, the seller was slightly restricted in that the format for the doc was stipulated by the prospective buyer.

Nevertheless, for less stringent docs it did occur to me that we as salespeople tend to overlook the use of colour.

Which is a shame.

So in a bid to offer ideas, I took five minutes to create this. Substitute your colour for the pink I used here. Perhaps slot it in as a page that rams home a major point somewhere halfway through your doc? In the hope of triggering a flood of imagination…I’m sure you can improve this concept:


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