How Bedded To Your Incorrect Process Are You

So I’ve a friend living in Cape Town.

He decided it was time to buy an expensive bed.

Five years ago he”d had a demo from English firm, Tempur.

So he recontacted them.

They duly emailed a brochure.

He called, ready to buy.

Their pitiful response amazed him.

The rep informed him that he could only buy after seeing a demo.

My pal didn’t need a demo.

The rep stuck to his guns.

He even said he’d call back to discuss further at a later date.

That call never came.

So my mate went elsewhere.

Such a familiar tale.

Doing a “demo” (their syntax, not mine) is clearly a stipulation of any sale.

Yet it doesn’t take much thought to conjure a few decent qualifying questions where the prospect prefers not to arrange one.

It is after all, the buyer’s buying process before it is your seller’s sales process.

The rep’s “handle” was to point out that a lot has changed in five years.


Their lack of imagination, flexibility and closing skill lost a (big) sale.

I hope such intransigence is not costing you too.

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