I Don't Need Any Help, Thanks

Just been training up a couple of super ‘boiler room’ guys in our London office.  They’ll be spending most of their time over the next quarter getting up to speed and building a funnel.  During our first few sessions, one of them asked how they should handle it when a prospect tries to quickly fob us off by simply saying they’re doing so well in general, that they can’t see themselves wanting any help in any respect, let alone with whatever-it-is we’re peddling.

It occured to me that this objection is actually one of the real ‘pats’, in other words, one that people tell you over the phone just to get rid of you in a flash.  There are not real objections, and overcoming them can earn you instant respect from the person at the receiving end of the line.

I came up with 3 approaches that we workshopped around:

Can’t see around corners

How can you be sure about not wanting something without knowing what we can help you with?

Sunshine investment

Surely the best time to look into new ideas, is when the good times are here!  Industrial history is littered with former top dogs that ended up having a short-lived time at the top, and one reason for this is that they perhaps didn’t feel they’d ever be toppled, so didn’t look at anything at the time.  Who’d want to fall into the same trap, eh…?

Not about problems

Many people may feel when someone cold-calls them, it’s to solve a problem.  How about if you don’t talk negatives, and rather than resolve thorny issues, you instead lead to lands of milk and honey?

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