Implementation Hand-Holding

I was reminded recently of an all-too-often overlooked part of the sales cycle; implementation.  How often do we cringe when hearing of ‘salesrep-sold-and-ran’ tales?  Ink barely dry, commission already spent, and the customer left in the lurch as a new set of faces takes over part-petrified, part-clueless?

The ‘spin’ exponents, Huthwaite, advocate as part of their Major Account Selling Skills courses to think carefully about this.  Clients are often nervous.  They may have staked a lot on what you’ve sold them.  Reputations and cash could be on the line.  So understand this, and thoroughly hand-hold them through the immediate post-sale moments.

This doesn’t just mean be there at delivery time, or a few phone calls asking about the weather.

What might that mental agony be based on?  What is it they’re apprehensive about?  Where do they need to see promises delivered?  Find out, and make a plan to document how you provide answers to all such areas.  Better still, share this timeline with them beforehand and personally deliver it.

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