Make "Informed Decision"

My boiler room guys are progressing nicely in London.  They’ve been getting a decent number of pitches out there to gain meetings with companies in our sweet spot.  A couple of times though, with a pitch only half-delivered, literally a nano-second into it, some people have simply said they’re “not interested”.

The first point about such an approach, is that they presumably expect their sales guys to call up people in exactly the same way as we’re doing, so this is unwarranted and hypocritical.

Moving on from this, I was reminded about a story I heard when someone was going for an interview, at post-code software wunder-haus QAS in London.  I’m indebted to my pals Rich and Stu for this.  It’s all about how to handle snap decisions that potentially don’t give you time to react.  The founder grew them from nothing to tens of millions inside a decade and was I understand, a sales animal.

A high-pressured sales environment, when someone arrived for interview he’d often make them wait an uncomfortably long time.  Then pop into reception and say something like “you not dressed right, leave now” and turn around.

What he was looking for, was for someone to say something along the lines of “….. I see, if something’s amiss, we can look at that, how about we sit down and talk it through so you can make an informed decision about me….?”  The Informed Decision part is the key.

So, when someone says they’re ‘not interested’ without even seeming to have the courtesy to hear you out, ask them to please make an ‘informed decision’ and see how you quell their storm….

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