Metrics Optics Sonics

Metrics have been around for ages. In selling these not only mean the mere numbers. They also specifically refer to the precise extra financial amounts that have flowed to previous buyers and shall similarly shower the current prospect with such monetary savings or gainings.

They are indisputably essential to any solution bid. Both to aid and counter buying emotions.

Lately, the emergence of optics as an important persuasion consideration has been growing rapidly. A focus on how the pitch of your position looks. The NYTimes ran a piece on this back in 2010. How about this for a definition, from 1983. Let’s Dance;

This has nothing to do with the eyes, but it has everything to do with the way the public sees things.

The slant to judge perceptions rather than say facts – very much a solution selling pillar – and the imagery deployed stays firmly with us.

Metrics. Optics. Two fundamentals when selling. But don’t these things need to come in threes?

If so, then we need a third prong. Something that alludes, I’d say, to how a pitch sits for the prospect and feels within their organisation. Kinetics might well be a decent stab. Yet I feel we must go deeper. How our proposal sounds, particularly as people other than us are promoting our cause when we’re not present. Sonics. Let’s go with that.

So to provide that three-legged stool our deal can sit safely on, how about adding these to your “locked and loaded” analysis; metrics, optics, sonics.

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