Molecular Gastronomy Whiteboards

Eating insects. Entomophagy. It’s the future. Apparently. If only us Westerners could get over the squirm factor like our foresighted Asian and African cousins, hey. If you’re in the dark, there’s a movement pupating inside our global factory-farmed meat chrysalis of despair.

So some of those wacky modern style chefs, with their lab coats, pipettes and test tubes, are trying to make this invaluable source of protein more palatable.

Here’s one four-minute video of their recent endeavours regarding all things that “scuttles, clings and whirrs”.

My personal interest in this topic stems from seeing Marcel Dicke (see foot-of-post video) and trying unsuccessfully to find mopane worms in their native South Africa, as a lady friend of mine once offered to cook them up stir-fry style for me, after seeing it get great reviews on telly.

In this particular video, I was intrigued to catch glimpses of how the chefs wrote ideas all over whiteboards.

We all have access to this kind of kit. Yet in all my many hours spent in other people’s sales offices, I sadly rarely see this kind of deployment.

Grab a deal. Do some thinking. Not necessary out loud, but in technicolour.

Take pics and get generating those ideas, that pathway, the way you’re going to prevail.

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