Overcoming a 'pats'

For all you cold-callers out there, three objections have been around since the oldest profession established itself.  Everyone will recognise being fobbed off with rubbish like ‘I’m too busy’, ‘send me something’ or ‘phone me in a few months’.

There are lots of different ways of handling these, and in many cases, you’ll simply uncover a serial objector and hopefully earn their respect.

Remembering that I sell to sales people, one tactic I’ve just heard win through in my office today is to respond with a smile/chuckle;

“interesting, what would you expect one of your sales guys to say to that?!”

Anything that helps distinguish yourself from the hoardes of paparazzi-style cold-callers everyone (misleadingly) claim hound them each day, is a good thing and can earn the right to hold a proper conversation, like in this example above.

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