Pants On Fire

We had an objection handling workshop over brekkie this morning.  And would you credit it, a new objection has landed!  Well, of course that’s impossible, as there are never new objections.  In fact, every single product can only ever come across a handful.  And price is not an objection either, but that’s another matter…

The new-to-us barrier today was “I’ve seen your website and I’m not interested thanks”.  We sell stuff that thankfully no-one else has cottoned on to.  When you link this fact to the knowledge that buyers are liars, the inescapable truth is that they probably haven’t looked at the website at all.  So, the challenge is to get around this fact, without the prospect losing face, ie: not exposing them as fibbers just to fob us off quick quick.

After a touch of empathy about them having to sift through loads of info I’m sure and re-affirming our uniqueness, we smoothly present our key line, “…so what specifically was it you read that made you think it wasn’t for you?”

Wriggle out of that one as you douse the frantic flames from your trousers.  Whichever way it goes, you should earn the right to re-pitch and re-close.

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