Stafford Beer. There was a guy. Responsible for perhaps the single most intellectually tough topic I ever tackled at B-school. And I was taught by maybe his right-hand man. That was his Viable Systems Model. (Tiplet; if you wish to remain sane, don't look it up.)

I just googled. Apparently, he's classed as an 'operations research theorist and cybernetician'. Let's leave it at that.

Anyway, three decades on from having my brain scrambled by his works, I came across another; ᴘᴏsɪᴡɪᴅ.

The Purpose Of a System Is What It Does.

Not what you think it does. The output reveals underlying intention. As online sages say, 'design is destiny'.

Which is sadly not embraced by how the majority of sales processes are shaped.

And by process, regular readers will know, I absolutely do not mean the tabs and flags or any 'tailored', mandated parts of the subscribed ᴄʀᴍ reporting you're chained to.

I mean that pattern of events, that when in train, mean you will prevail.

The actions, transactions and conversations that when happen in a particular way, seal you as the provider of choice.

And in the spirit of the famed quote - continuous improvement is better than delayed perfection - those repeatable elements around which you're constantly refining.

Unique to you, that provide a formula for target-busting, sustainable performance.

Where your selling becomes - another ol' quote incoming - the only thing you know that's more fun than fun.

Wrap that all up, and you've your ideal sales process.

Time for a sanity check against where your ᴘᴏsɪᴡɪᴅ is at right now...?

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