R: Sales Patter

Rank Selling See Level Selling. 
To ‘talk the same language’ as your potential prospect. Identify common ground. You need to Establish Rapport as early as possible. 
Rate Of Return
An accounting term that refers to the percentage of extra money that will come to the potential customer’s coffers. You will also hear Internal Rate Of Return, which focuses on when the initial outlay will have been paid off. They can also have some measure of taking into account the value of money, as value lessens (depreciates) over time to determine, as part of a Discounted Cash Flow.
Recommender Similar to an Influencer, but possibly with more clout. You may have to secure this person’s backing to gain the go-ahead.
Reference(s) Names you can reel off that are happily enjoying greater sunshine because of you or you offering. 
Reference Letter
Interesting concept here. Can you get your customer to write on one sheet of their letterhead just how fantastic you have been for them? If you can such a document is dynamite. Once received, never produce until the potential customer has the pen in their hand at the order ceremony. I really mean that. 
A name someone, usually an existing customer, gives you that you can go and introduce yourself to that could take your offering. Cultivate the creation of such leads as a priority. 
Once you have Established Rapport with a potential customer, you need to get round to their side of the table. Do things for each other that progress your cause. People buy from people is one of the oldest adages. You need to have a good working relationship for this to occur. 
Repeatable Sales Process
Everyone needs to strive to identify this for themselves. What common threads link all your successful Campaigns together? Learn them and replicate them. 
What the potential customer can expect to see come back after shelling out for your amazing offering.
Return On Investment A Return that also focuses on the extra that comes back, over and above the initial outlay.
ROI Return On Investment.

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