G: Sales Glossary

Gap Analysis
Also known as ‘white space’ analysis, there is always something that people should be buying but in actual fact they are not.  Typically, when they realise that they’re missing out they’re receptive to remedying the shortfall.  Identifying where such opportunities exist is what gap analysis is all about.
Someone who (destructively in the main) shields decision makers and channels information to where they (often erroneously) think it is in their best interests. Bad politically for both parties. Get around them.
Goal Buddy
A concept coming across from achievement self-help practitioners, this is where you ‘buddy-up’ with another similarly targeted person (usually a peer from a different sales discipline) and gee each other along towards your weekly goals.
Google Trail
When a prospect googles your name, it’s clearly best if the first page returns they see highlight your qualities as a superb supplier.
What it’s all about.  Show this and you gain freedom.  Every plan you put together, whether for internal or external consumption, should focus on where growth will come from and what growth will be achieved.

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