Sales Period Seasons

Here’s something I discovered over a cheeky bottle of pinot noir with someone who’s opinions I rate highly. We were talking trash about all those new-age crystal-worshipping lay-line seeking preachers. Yet one such self-styled guru was quoted. Having a genuinely interesting idea.

South African sangomas do not have a good reputation. They think just about anything can be solved with the wave of a magic stick. Yet this one believes that every slice of life can be viewed as having four cycles.

Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter.

Despite his incense-burning rhetoric, I did ponder this in the context of a sales period.

Spring is where you plant for future growth.

Summer is where you cultivate.

Autumn means you begin to reap.

Winter is cementing those rewards and preparing for next Spring.

It also reminded me of the Mayan view. I heard this in the comedy surrounding the end-of-the-world, last December 12th;

Winter Reflection

Spring Renewal

Summer Realisation

Autumn Reaping

We all know the drill. New sales period begins. Panic ensues. The clocks are back to zero. Forget about last period. It’s gone now. Whether quota-smashing or bath-taking. Rush rush rush into securing the business for this one.

Salespeople though should not run around like headless chickens. A moment of calm focus brings huge rewards.

Even proprietary process vendors touch on this concept. I’m thinking here about how Miller-Heiman for instance suggest you break down your daily tasks. (In their language, 1. Do closing work on your Best Few objectives, 2. Prospect by narrowing the Universe, 3. Qualify your Above the Funnel objectives & 4. Work the objectives In the Funnel.)

Whether your ‘period’ be a day on the phones, a month, quarter or even longer, if you properly plan for each of the ‘seasons’ then at the very least any boss will treat you differently. In a good way. And I bank on it that if you embrace this, you’ll perform better as a result too.

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