Sales Survival Rule Of Threes

I’ve blogged in the past about the magic of threes. The delightful oratory device of the tricolon (especially effective when also used with the repetition of anafora). The way you should frame items on the sure-to-stick three-legs of a stool. I think of how each time I try and make a point I often consciously search for its triple-whammy delivery.

So I briefly caught a lady that seems to be the producer for Bear Gryls style adventure shows. Meg Hines quoted her own survival “rule of threes” for hostile terrain. Her limits you must be aware of;

3 seconds without thinking
3 minutes without air
3 days without water
3 weeks without food
3 months without company

Which naturally made me ponder solution Sales survival skills in this manner.

3 seconds without listening
3 minutes without progress
3 days without contact
3 weeks without requalifying
3 months without celebration

There feels a decent idea inside here.

Take any deal death knell for your selling and remind yourself to avoid getting close to such situation.

You can riff on the theme too. There’s those triplets that can derail your bid. Or more positively, what would you need three of on any deal to have better chance of prevailing?

3 reasons why
3 c-suite dwellers
3 user workshops
3 menu options
3 post-sale plans

Always adding to the sales survival mindset.

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