Scripting Prop Distinction

I often get asked to read a mail, doc or Prop, ripening prior sending prospectwards.

I resist that most tempting of compulsion, so do not rush into the reeds of editing another's work.

One recurrent theme, seems general acknowledgement that writing your most formal language is best advised.

Particularly with headings and sectional titles.

True enough, C-suite beats Street.

Yet don't miss the trick of bringing a touch of your personality into proceedings.

You can stay professional without lurching lackadaisical.

I know of some solution sellers lately that've asked their AI-bot of choice to punchily reword for brevity their draft prose for certain sections.

Yet AI cannot help with your own sparkle.

The authenticity, rapport and memorability that gives you your edge.

You needn't go all tabloid-splash headliner.

Something still true to you, yet a little out-of-the-ordinary can both jolt the reader into nodding along and help them accept your suggestions.

If you've a tech angle, you too could use whatever the zeitgeist term of the sector might be in a new way. Such as the 'decoded' suffix device I blogged on recently.

If there's a snappy TLA (three letter abbreviation or something in such style) at play, then maybe there's also a superlative or noun to slip it into. Could even, carefully, be one (but not that one) beginning F.

If there's a trending term in the orbit of your bid, then perhaps a way can be found to allude to it.

By way of example, for the mainstream AI is this year's breakout bubble.

With which you might be able to have a little fun remixing some of its terms. Like from ML to IA, LLM to AGI, or quantum to multimodal. It almost doesn't matter what any of that salad means. Offer the killer slaw.

Inject a bit of character.

You will stand out. Buyers will warm to you. Own their new expression.

To read like all the others do, is to make less sales.

Always worth letting at least your subconscious whirr away around and about on such.

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