T: Selling Talk

Tag-On Close These are the little words at the end of a sentence that encourage a natural ‘yes’ response, aren’t they? 

Target A salesrep’s total amount of business they must bring in.

Telesales Picking up the phone and looking for business. The majority of salesreps start off here. 

Territory A salesrep’s personal area from which all their business must hail. 

Testimonials Marketeers produce these. Lovingly crafted they can be most potent arrows in your quiver. They are novel-esque stories of how a specific customer was re-born after the shining white light of signing your order occurred. Full of pictures and quotes, we like these a lot.

The MAN Money-Authority-Need. The Man is the person (boy or girl obviously) whom you need to speak to. They have all three of the aforementioned qualities as far as your proposition goes.

Time Traps Things that can happen during the working day that prevent you from concentrating on activities that actually make you money.

Time-Line Where the primary focus of your sales strategy is to follow an agreed sequence of events with your potential customer that stretches way beyond the act of signing up. 

Timetable Part of the Time-Line, the putting together of such events. 

TOPMAN Timings-Opportunity-Process-Money-Authority-Need. A method of Qualification ensuring you are covering all the angles. 

TQS Total Quality Sales. A Tom Siebel inspired approach detailing the ultimate goal salesforces should try to reach. Not Total Quality Management tweaked for a sales bias. Advocates technology to make salesreps more effective rather than the old focus of efficiency. 

Trial Close Yuk! Asking if you’ll win the business if certain things happen, or if something wasn’t an issue. Avoid please, Ladies and Gentlemen.

Trivialise The Difference Where you take Minimising The Difference a step further to show how crazy the potential customer is to think that is an issue. 

Ts and Cs Terms and Conditions. The legal basis upon which two parties enter into an agreement. 

Tyre-Kicker Someone who is not serious about being a potential customer. Weed out such time wasters.

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