Thunderstorm Summer Quip Can Help Shape Bid Expectation

Meh. The democratically indefensible head of state of my birthplace. The current edition of which and their entourage remain a stain on Britain’s standing and hold back her future. Back in the early 1700s the then unelected loafer (George II) supposedly bemoaned the traditional country’s Summer. He stated ’twas merely;

three fine days and a thunderstorm.

A phrase that I learn this weekend – as a third successive day with a strange golden orb of flames colonising our most welcome azure-filled horizon gave way to booming clacks and a dousing – weather crystal ball gazers masquerading as scientists jokily repeat it to each other around their office water coolers. Red sky at night…

Wherever you stand on the method and selection of your preferred style of nation’s figurehead, there is actually something Sales-y to take from this olde saying.

Two steps forward, one step back.

A familiar refrain too.

As in, nothing’s ever a straightforward smooth line moving on up ever higher until your goal is reached.

It naturally made me think of complex deals from my solution selling canon.

Specifically, in arenas where you expect mishaps. Damage an occupational hazard. Attacks, dismissal and dismay a regular encounter that you suspect lay in wait around every corner.

Knowing a thunderstorm will ruin picnic plans ought be a blessing.

What are your deal triple-day heatwaves?

What are the occurrences on a bid that are liable to crop up, and when they do, negatively hit you?

And how should handle them (or have done so well in the past)?

Are you susceptible to say, ‘three great presentations then a signatory silence’?

Know both how to make the most of the sunshine, but then also how to shelter from and dry out after the downpour.

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