Zero crm Compliance

Saw two companies in a day recently for first meetings, and both moaned about their sales software.  Apparently, “no bugger uses it”….

Case One – Goldmine

Wonderful kit, about a dozen historical databases all rolled into it with a call plan generating front-end, even having a link somewhere with SAS’s marketing automation suite for campaign tracking.  One particular division of these global information vendors has a rep always 140%+ of target.  His name is John.  He never uses Goldmine.  And said he never would as there was no point.

Case Two – Microsoft CRM

Another global salesteam, this time supplying the oil industry.  Compliance was on the floor with their software.  So they enacted a policy that commission would only be paid if a deal was entered into it.  The result?  Once a month the reps would “back-fill” all the info necessary to claim the cash.  Not the point at all….

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