11 Relentless Drivers From Rugby World Cup Winning S&C Coach

Welshman Aled Walters helped the Boks mug the English for the 2019 Crown.

As Strength and Conditioning coach (the S&C of this post's title), he's had two decades of elite globe-trotting experience.

Currently contributing towards the resurgence of English club side Leicester, I read a broadsheet interview [sub'n req'd] with him. Keen to unpick his championship insights.

Many apply to our solution Sales environment.

Here's a selection, with language adapted for our domain.

Aim never to be seen as a salesteam that went away. Not fading as the bid reaches its climax.
Strive to make competing against us an uncompromising place. We don’t want people to enjoy coming up against us.
Be relentless in our work-rate.
Ensure all the support, management and other non-selling contributors are in close touch & 'synch' (aka symbiosis) with each other, to keep themselves constantly “across how we want to play”.
If closing a deal could mean it’s going to 'take 28 phases', those involved need to be conditioned to do that.
Do not be open to labelling like this; 'I’ve had some negative colleagues in my time, yet you are by far the most negative’ - noting that a “soft way” does not have to lack intensity.
Scrutinise situations even when one thinks they are in good shape. What he cites via the overall world champion coach as termed “superior discontent”.
Make sure that “the main thing is always the main thing”.
Avoid being guilty of thinking too much about the training programme and its numbers, but do focus on having everyone able to be 'flying' into key calls.
Never leave anything to chance. Always have a plan.
Want your colleagues/charges to enjoy it. Want yourself to enjoy it. Want everyone to look forward to coming in.

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