12 Hooks of Christmas

You're the super busy Santa and I'll be your little helper

Merry Christmas and a Happy [insert problem solved state you enable] New Year

It's the most wonderful time buy of the year

Believe in the magic of Christmas [fixing this issue]

Walking in a Winter [place having fixed this issue] Wonderland

Cross a big offender off that naughty list

This is one Christmas gift that's no seven-day wonder

What you might like about Christmas is that you can make people forget the past with the present

Wanna be the turkey that votes for Christmas?

What you can soon produce all year-round will put Lapland to shame

'Yule' log such magic if you unwrap this Christmas box to yours-elf

Now I Have A
A Machine Gun [replace with 'weapon' you provide them with]
Ho - Ho - Ho

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