19 Other Web-Sales Destinations

As I just wrote to the lady that informed me, my inclusion in the 20 Great Sales Blogs list made me happily glow from their warm hug of recognition.

It seems many of my co-nominees overtly have books to promote. Perhaps I’m missing a trick here?!

I’m now mildly embarrassed to admit that the only one of the other 19 I’ve ever read is the Selling Power mag’s. So I better get surfing.

I’m surprised that neither Jill Konrath‘s nor Ari Galper‘s isn’t on there too. What I like about them is that they focus on one single element of the job (namely selling to big companies and cold-calling respectively). Despite my occasional struggle with their Americana, they’re both excellent.

I’d like to do the same thing in a way that appeals to just the small number of solution selling reps that might actually want to be CEO one day. That’s the psychic income altruism I take pride in.

The other purpose of my blogging beyond this, is so that anyone considering doing business with me may gain true insight into how I think. If we’re kindred souls, I explain to them, then they’ll easily know after just ten minutes or so’s reading. And then we might just share the foundation for a terrific, fruitful relationship.

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