3 Trends To Elevate Your Video Sales Space

Among the annual deluge of indispensable new year fashion suggestions, I came across one piece with sub-head; an interior [design] expert has urged people to "have fun" and "mix things up" this year.

Explaining; 'Andrew Roby warns against playing it safe if you want to “elevate” the space you have'.

His hook was actually from the avoidance slant; 'here are the three interior design trends I want you to avoid in 2023'.

To précis his tip trio sixty-seconder;

do not buy matching furniture
do not have bland walls
do not shy away from colour

(As an aside - & as seen in 'flag' treatment uptop - the referencing article cites three 'colour of the year' options to use; viva magenta, raspberry blush & wild wonder [a 'gentle warm gold with hints of green', apparently, although comments range from khaki green to dirty yellow]. Each 'vendor' linked to here also offer their choices for complementary/contrasting colours that go with the chosen one. Perhaps holding inspo for slide palette and backgrounding?)

In video call selling, might we craft a similar albeit more detailed triplet?

do not buy unmatched conversational meandering over stated purpose
do not have bland regress down to mere phone call with 2-D on-screen portraits
do not shy away from proven engagement techniques

We may also benefit from switching trap for aspiration. Namely, how we can 'elevate' our calls.

So in the spirit of resolving to go to the 'vidnasium' at least once, here's my suggested three.

For a flagstone trend, I'd first urge adoption of the pre-send habit.

Any effort it takes you to mail ahead what you aim to cover, identify and qualify based on, rather than being a drain on your precious time, will pay you back in droves with the extra clarity, focus and results it brings.

Next, consider engagement as an expectation.

Can you call in front of a whiteboard? Show early at least a clipboard with blank sheets ready for thick-pen drawing? Begin with a gesture-based expression request about where an issue sits?

Third, adapt at least a couple of the many 'voting' techniques to enliven end-of- or in-call prioritisation routines.

There's a ton of these. All of which can raise your game - and the appreciation of your prospect - significantly higher than clicking on a poll question. The more you try, the greater the chance you'll land on one that you add to your overall winning sales process for every deal.

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