4 Phase Panic Response

University College London consumer and business psychologist, Dr Dimitrios Tsivrikos, found that coronavirus consumer behaviour followed a predictable human pattern;

‘we fight to survive, then we nest, then we plan and adapt.’

Once immediate fundamentals seem mostly addressed, nesting features building new ways of surviving. Then we merge two realities of past and present to begin to face our new environment. Before planning for how we might adapt to live from then on.

Our target marketplace may well be mostly in survival mode. Anyone not involved with food or essentials shopping has likely suffered slashed revenue. Our endeavours too could be on the ropes. Financially compromised and pipelines in tatters.

How might these survive-nest-plan-adapt steps apply to our solution selling?

Provided prospects are open to taking our call, how about showing a little empathy.

Where would they say they are along this scale?

And whichever they suggest, how does that stage look right now?

What have they actively done already, or are in the midst of doing, that helps set their course out of the current clouds?

What assistance would be welcome? And when?

Do we know how our wares fit in with this process?

Are we primed for their survival mode? Perfect for nesting? Pivotal planning support? Adapted living partner?

Allowing us to understand where we might play our part in their renewal.

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