5 Ideas To Make Your Next Internal Sales Meeting Sparkle

What happens at your internal sales team meetings? Do they have purpose? Are they productive? Is there memorable variety?

I’m fortunate to regularly attend sales meetings across the entire breadth of solution selling, b2b arenas. I often get asked what the best bits are from elsewhere by sales managers keen to add spice to their own forums.

As such I recently ran a workshop for a number of sales managers within a large group, part of which sought to formulise an approach to running a sales meeting. It is incredible that sales management training is even more obscure than sales skill training. Several commented to me after that they wish they’d have had such a session before.

So I thought it’d be helpful to adapt and post the slides I used as my background support. Sadly it took me almost as long to amend (with things like remove their company-specific slides, changing their distinctive font that I used, swapping images in and out and adding the odd explanatory page) as to do the whole thing in the first place. Still…

For me, most sales meetings make little demand on the grey matter. When attendees see it as “a day off”, usually followed by a jolly in the hotel bar, then you need to change your approach. Salesperson preparation, engagement and monitored takeaways are essential for progress.

So here’s a pdf in a Google docs viewer;

One particular discussion point related to ‘motion’. Most such internals can degenerate into a huge long and soporific infodump. Get everyone moving about. Get them involved. Get them into groups. Get them presenting. Get them voting. Get them thinking.

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