5 Video Call Styling Findings Of An Accountant

I am unashamedly focused on video calls that sell. Yet many of the ways of getting what you want from video meetings apply to generally making any video call the best it can be.

Speaking with an esteemed counter of beans, I was comforted to learn that despite not ever thinking themselves to be on ‘sales’ mode, they too think in similar terms.

Here’s five of the points that struck them most from their first eighteen months of business zooming. Are you avoiding these #zoomfails?

1. Having something on show that acts as conversation starter. Useful for allowing the kinds of initial salutations that help smooth entry into the meat of the discussion. Sadly his preference was for proud display on the wall behind him of his signed Man Utd shirt.

2. One pet hate was for people that sit with a window beaming light in directly behind them. Bleaching themselves to a silhouette. Expressions unseen, emotion indiscernible. Daylighting glare rendering it a phone call in all but name.

3. Shelves crammed with books might be acceptable for academics or authors, but for the rest of us? Really, we all know you’ve not read them. And sometimes with their array of muted, darker hued spines, you can blend in with them rather than standout. It’s also an opportunity missed to be distinctive in so many ways from those from whom you wish to be set apart.

4. Dress the part. You are representing some sort of brand, so act like it, and align with it. The example given of huge leading retail bank staff who think just because they’re at home they can wear a t-shirt is a shocker. Especially as they expect you to take their advice on probably not insignificant sums of your hard-earned cash, and take big commission from it to which they’re more than entitled.

5. Get yourself a separate camera. This particular finance pro has a direct substitute for his laptop one. As it was higher definition, with noticeably clearer, better quality. But also saw the value in being able to switch to a differently angled one. Realising such a move gives any call extra variety and oomph.

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