5 Ws of Winning

Well, yesterday’s post had at least one fan. A friend of mine was talking to me about it. They touched on CVs, and how to make them stand out. If you were that kind of person, you could cheekily add a section along the lines of “the 5 As of Anna”. Hopefully gaining vital recognition. As we chuckled, I then felt the single bright light of the dark, dank interrogation room upon me. We were somehow on to creating the 5 Js of Jason.






It’s probably best I don’t give away too much with further detail.

Other words got swept onto the bar floor, perhaps even more revealing; joyful, juvenile, juicy, jammy, jousting

Though I will say the last one snuck in after perhaps one too many a glass of wine. You see, that’s the genius. It begins with a ‘j’. Ahem…!

Anyway, I do like the overall point though. These lists are catchy. In the right context, they stop short of corny and can really help someone remember your message. Or at the very least, give true insight into how you think, and how that thinking separates you from others.

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