7 Questions To Ask Before Your Next Video Sales Call

I noticed a number of steers for how to approach the temptation of adding to your wardrobe in the jamboree that can be the New Year Sales. Among the advice, a recurring headline theme.

Including these London emanating pair. Seven questions to ask yourself before buying something new in the sales (Telegraph), Seven golden rules for shopping in the sales by fashion expert (Times).

In such spirit, this post duly remixes for our video meeting ambition.

Why is this comms a video call and not any other form of contact?

Have I thought through how to make this video call achieve my aim for it?

Do I know how I can ensure it lasts a little less time than advertised?

What pre-work have the attendees been asked to bring or done, and how will this be utilised?

What will get the others talking for more than I do?

What will I do to make this video meeting stick in the memory of those participating?

What will cement agreement reached on the call long after the meeting has run?

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