8 Things Creatives Showed Us About Our New Videolink Epoch

Don't be like Coffee Steve.

There's been plenty of promo piggybacking on WFH zoom calls. Above is one example, from a US coffee brand.

'when your whole team can see your upper thigh ... aim that camera up high'

There's millions of views for compilations of real-life video call candid camera calamity ranging from embarrassing cringe to unintentional hilarity. [eg; this quintet for 3½mins from May 2020, filed under work from home fails].

Even Dilbert's boss saw something he'd rather not.

The lesser-spotted Adland marvel made an appearance too. In the slightly different vein around zoom fatigue.

As we might have known, Star Trek foresaw our Hybrid videolink future.

1993 movie Demolition Man, whilst on the right lines, wasn't quite there though.

Stock photo librarians don't seem to have fully grasped the WFH memo either.

Luckily, an illustrator did glimpse what the Return To Work might entail.

The New Yorker mag's site used this banner image to state that the office is dead.

It's been quite the two years.

We're done. Yet sales video calls are absolutely not.

So during this April - Month 25 of videoing for many - I'll post a few reminisces. Chiefly on how we present ourselves in our little selling cell through how others have done so.

The winners will be those who embrace video meetings now that they are not compulsory. Knowing when and how to deploy one. And the way you perform to be distinctive and gain that order.

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