800m Attitude Change

I just saw an impressive 800m win at the London Grand Prix by Jemma Simpson. It pushes her closer towards world class and she will soon hopefully be a serious Gold contender. In a post-race interview, she was asked what had sparked her current rise through the rankings.

The factor she majored on was her ‘attitude change’. When asked to elaborate, she made a telling observation, paraphrased as follows:

‘I feel that before I was running in someone else’s race, whilst now I’m running my own race.’

The message was that she was now focused on her own agenda. Previously, she’d been swept along in someone’s else’s tactics. Now, she was executing her own plans rather than reacting, or waiting to react, to the plans of others and this new clarity was patently paying significant dividends.

It’s a small point perhaps, but a vital one for these Sales times. There’s always a powerfully pervasive agenda from elsewhere that can easily derail us, yet the solution is to remain steadfast, and stay true to what you want to make happen. Are you conducting business on your terms, or the terms dictated by others?

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