A Curator In Your Field

Someone recently told me how they yearned for a feeling of ‘curation’.

They wanted to be in an environment where they realised that the person looking after them had not only applied some thought to their needs, but that this thought was clearly extra special.

Then I heard an interview with a researcher for ten years (or as they refer to themselves, one of the “elves”) on cult clever telly quiz show QI. Molly Oldfield had just written a book on the secret treasures that museums around the world don’t show. From space suits still covered in moondust to James Cook’s botanist Joseph Banks‘ still unclassified specimens.

She let slip the joys of talking to the people running such institutions;

curators know everything about everything in their chosen field

Are you just such a curator in yours?

I don’t mean about your ‘job’. Not are you a curator about being a salesperson. No. Are you a curator about the problems you resolve for your clients? Are you a curator in the world of your prospect?

This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be an ‘expert’ in the technicalities of your product. It does though mean you have to be an authority about what the people that use it want to achieve and how they do it.

…Are you just such a curator?

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